Case Study – Single Family Home p2

    13304 wisterwood mapLets continue with the case study we started in part 1.

    In this section, we’ll discuss the cash flow from our investment property.

    First, we have to find what our monthly rent (income) will be.  To find this, we look at comparable properties, and find that the lowest rent being paid for a property like ours is $1,200.

    Income = Rent = $1,200

    Now lets figure out our expenses.  The expenses are made up of our mortgage payment, property taxes, and homeowners insurance.  If there was an HOA we would have to add that in as well, but this property doesn’t have one.

    Mortgage payment = $471

    Property tax = $245

    Insurance = $59

    Total expenses = $472 + $245 + $59 = $776

    Our net monthly income is:

    Income – Expenses = $1,200 – $776 = $424

    Our annual monthly income is:

    Monthly income * 12 = $424 * 12 = $5,088

    Our annual return on investment is our annual income divided by our cash out of pocket that we calculated here:

    Annual income / Cash out of pocket = $5,088/$37,975 = 13.4%

    In the next post, we’ll conclude this exercise and see how we ended up.


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